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Low Impact Paintball For Children Ages 7-10

PaintballSoft4Kids was designed and created by Giant Sportz, the worlds premiere paintball and airsoft parks. PaintballSoft4Kids is a type of paintball game utilizing the newest and lightest paintball equipment along with an exciting new paintball format played at the Giant Sportz parks only.

PaintballSoft4Kids is ideally structured to cater to a very specific demographic of the paintball community; young children. These players represent a smaller niche of the player base that are looking for a less-impact and lower cost version of paintball using .50 caliber paintballs, and PAINTBALL SOFT DOESN’T HURT, so it’s the ideal game for all ages and people.

Just some of the benefits of thePaintballSoft4Kids format includes:

  • More economically friendly
  • Less weight per ball, which means less impact on the player
  • Professional level paint quality that rivals that of high-end .68 caliber tournament paintballs
  • Lighter equipment to lessen the load on players

Combat Paintball Park believes that .50 caliber can offer all the same benefits and excitement of .68 caliber paintballs, but with added bonuses for the youth and new player market. With .50 caliber, Combat Paintball Park will now be able to place new, youth and mix-gender groups into separate .50 caliber parties so that these players will be able to enjoy the less-cost and low-impact format. Then, as these players continue to play and grow in the sport, they will be able to use the .50 caliber paintballs format to expand their skills before eventually making the transition to .68 caliber paintballs.